• Don't fall for a fake fraud alert!
    We'll NEVER call or text to ask for personal information!
    To our valued members: please be aware - fraud is becoming more common for credit unions everywhere.
    It's important to remember that at Northern Lights we would NEVER request personal information, such as Social Security numbers,
    account details, credit card numbers, login information for online banking, or passwords.
    In addition, we will never provide you with a case number or code to read back over the phone.

    If you receive a call that includes any of these requests, take a moment to immediately hang up before calling your local
    Northern Lights branch at one of the phone numbers listed on our website.
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    New Residential Energy Loan Program
    If your project cost is between $7,500 and $40,000 we are confident we will have a term and rate
    to fit your budget. Please contact NLCU for current rates.
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    Switching to NLCU is as simple as 1,2,3!
    All the documents you need to make this transaction as seamless as possible are provided.
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    Please consider wearing
    a mask if you are:
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Used Vehicle Sales:

Most every time there is a hurricane and significant property damage, there are always enterprising individuals that purchase damaged vehicles, clean them up and move into non storm damaged areas.

These vehicles often have damage that may not be readily apparent and will surface at a future date after the check has cleared.

Be sure to run car fax on any vehicles you may be considering and ask lots of questions about the origin of the vehicle.

We have locations in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Littleton and Langdon, New Hampshire.

So stop by one of NLCU’s convenient locations today or contact us online!