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My Mobile Money Access

My Mobile Money Access. Control how your card is used anywhere, anytime.

Now you can have greater spending control and protection from fraud for your card. My Mobile Money Access lets you manage your NORTHERN LIGHTS CU debit card with customizable alerts that let you know when, how and where your card is used. You can set them up, and turn them on and off when you choose. So, no matter what your financial goal is, My Mobile Money Access will help you reach it.
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A few testimonials from our members:

"I'm not big on electronics, since I don’t come from the generation that uses them all the time, so I’m intimated by the phones, apps, etc. – However, the staff at NLCU were very helpful and provided easy, written instructions – plus online instructions. It was very helpful to know which icon I needed to download but found the My Mobile Money app easy to set up!"
Angela J.

"I have relationships and debit cards with three community financial institutions, but ever since Northern Lights launched their MY Mobile Money application they have become my primary financial institution. With all of the card fraud in the world I like the idea of being able to receive transaction notifications immediately when I use my card and the ability to turn my card on and off from my phone. I also decided to link my card and phone so that if my phone isn’t in the area that my card is being used it can’t be used. This is a great mobile application."
John R.

"The great thing about My Mobile Money is if I misplace my card I can go to my phone and turn off the card until I locate it. That way I don’t have to call the credit union and have them turn it off, plus it always seems to happen on the weekend so this is very convenient. I would recommend this to everyone with a Debit card its very easy to set up."
Rita S.

"I love My Mobile Money, I really love the notification I get when I make a purchase, I no sooner then get out of the store and it’s there right on my phone!"
Jennifer E.